martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Why do I love books?

I haven't read all the classic books I should've read; in fact not even a quarter of them. Nor in Spanish nor English. However, I love books; I really enjoy going to a library or a book shop; touching the books, reading the blurb, looking at the covers and pages. I can really feel the imagination of their writers floating all over the room without thinking too much.

Crime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, History, Romance, Drama, Autobiography, Spirituality and more topics are available for everyone. I would rather read a book because its blurb or title has seduced my mind and soul. That's why it´s difficult to find the right book for me. I could say that is almost like finding the right relationship. I don´t like to read a book for the wrong reasons. Perhaps I make things more complicated than they are, but that's who I am.