martes, 17 de junio de 2014

7 Tips to Overcome Sadness

Sometimes I wonder what about the things that keep us alive. From the things that distract us to the things that we believe are the reason of our life... Do we have to have a reason to keep going? Well, we need to have it, if not our life would turn out meaningless I guess.

We as human beings have always had dreams. Dreams that are commonly related to money, love, sex, entertainment, etc. However if we don't have the things we wish for, we end up angry or depressed. So the only thing we want is to be happy through any of our desires. The problem is that it's not that easy because the mind doesn't seem to be pleased enough with anything. It's always wishing new things over and over and over. Happiness seems so ephemera sometimes, but I want so share seven things I do to overcome this strange feeling:

1- Training your mind by observing its thoughts as (only) symbols created by our society.
2- Breathing and stretching your body through yoga or any other type of exercise (even walking).
3- Listening to the type of music you enjoy the most. Preferably a positive one.
4- Watching a touching movie or profound documentary.
5-  Helping someone; perhaps listening to someone who needs it.
6- Feeling the feelings, let them pass without getting attached to them.
7- Sharing with the people you love. Tell them how much you love them.

According to the Toltec wisdom we are the creators of our own life (dream). Us as a society contribute to live in the same dream. I believe that all of this is just a cosmic excuse to develop our inner self; because at the end, our body dies and we have nothing more that our own energy or soul, travelling around the universe as part of it.

Issues with our job, family and friends are just short term creations; but we worry so much about them. That's the way humans have decided to dream since a long time ago. I feel that the time has come. We need to wake up and change the dream (Changing Hell for Heaven)

However it is so difficult to explain this with words, as they are only symbols created by artists (human beings) practising. The truth doesn't have any language. The truth is pure mystery; and sooner or later we'll have to discover it inside of us.

Once again I recommend reading the book: The Fifth Agreement by Don MiguelRuiz. Read my previews post to understand why -

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martes, 3 de junio de 2014

The Truth About The Truth

All the things that you believe become the window that you use to perceive the world. Everything else is a lie. Literally if you don't believe in something it becomes a lie. So, it's really important to constantly review (and not necessary believe) your believes because they define your type of life. You can be living in your own heaven or hell. Everybody is dreaming its own world through their believes in spite of their personal circumstances; so everyone has a choice. However, the truth is always going to be the truth and nobody can explain the truth using a human language; because it's always going to be distorted.

If you want to read more about this... I recommend reading "The Fifth Agreement" by Don Miguel Ruiz. You can find it in Spanish and English as well. Namaste!