martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

10 Crazy Ways to Love Yourself

Finding the right point between self-esteem and self-effacement is not easy. However, it's something you can master if you work hard on it. First of all I would like to mention 5 things to take in consideration if you want to reach the goal. (I'm still working on them).

1- Awake the conciousness of your own thoughts and feelings about yourself.
2- Notice that people can flatter you the same way that they can criticise you.
3- Listen to other's opinions about you without identify yourself with them.
4- Only *you* can decide your own value, even if it's true or false to others.
5- Love yourself desperately without bragging; try to keep it in secret.

When you love yourself you accept everything about you and try to be better everyday. Of course there's no need to mention this to everybody. In fact some people believe that if you love yourself too much, you'll become egocentric... so keep it in secret.

There are so many books about establishing the perfect relationship with others (specially your lover) and that's ok until a certain point. Focusing too much on what you want to receive from your partner can be exhausting. You need to focus on covering your own needs and wishes because only *you* know exactly what you want... so no more expectations :) That's happiness.

Our society has taught us differently: You have to find someone that can fulfil your needs etc. I mean, of course this is something that comes naturally when you're in a relationship; you care about your partner and he/she cares about you (including needs and wishes) but they are not there to guess everything you want (or miss from your childhood). To me, the concept of the half-orange has been misunderstood. You don't need to be completed by other. You are a human being that can fulfil your own needs (with help accepted) enjoying life with the person you love at the same time; but you are your own half-orange.

Love yourself in crazy way: 1Dance alone and enjoy the music. 2- Get naked and make love to your own body. 3- Look for the things you wish to receive and get them. 4- Buy flowers to yourself (if you're a woman; or not). 5- Walk around your city alone and enjoy the views. 6- Work out and flatter your own body. 7- Eat your favourite meal alone. 8- Listen to a mantra and feel the energy inside of you. 9- Discover that you're not alone when you are with yourself. 10- Say *welcome* to the person you like in your life (as a lover) and teach him/her all the things you have learned.

It doesn't matter if you don't look like and actor or a top model. You need to find the special points about you. The points that nobody else has. I know it is difficult with all the media and advertising convincing us to be like somebody else. Don't let them decide who you are. Only you can decide that. They just want to sell things through stereotypes of beauty. Feel free to be yourself and to love yourself in a crazy way. I have just started.

martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

You're Made of Energy & You'll Never Die

Everyday you have to deal with the uncertainty of life... You can make plans and think about your future so carefully; but you never know for sure what's going to happen. Uncertainty however, it's not a coincidence or a product of randomness. I believe that everything happens for a reason; like John Lock said in "Lost" (the American TV show). Moreover I would say: Everything happens for a Good reason (to teach you something). Even if the cause or result of your actions could be tagged as bad; and even if you don't understand why (at least in this life). I don't believe in destiny; but I certainly believe in a superior force that is taking care of us.

We can't understand the power of the universe if we think that we're part of a random process of evolution. To me, the universe itself is a type of god; a miraculous force that have created everything we know and don't know. It's not part of any religion, but it hold us as a collective conciousness, even if we don't recognised it. Some philosophisers say that we are just dreaming; and that when we wake up, we're going to be more intelligent souls, expanding our potential to the unknowns levels of the cosmos.

Usually people live their life on automatic pilot, without thinking too much about the future of their souls (just worrying about their human life). I'm not that kind of person. I mean, of course I have worries about material things, but I've also been thinking about the nature of my soul since I was a child; even though my parents were common Catholics members... I always went beyond the things they believed; and now I understand why. This is not our only life; we reincarnate; and I know that this is not easy to understand or accept. We are too attached to our human ego and logic mind. However, I have confirmed it... I've been reading books about different philosophies; and I've also had some dreams and revelations. Everyone has its own time to discover this. I may have been living in this body only for 26 years, but I'm sure that I've been living in this planet (using other bodies) for more years that you can imagine.

We are energy; and if you believe that energy can't be destroyed, sooner than later you'll believe that this is not our only existence. There are so many cosmic levels waiting for us. I really wish to pass this level as soon as possible. Don't get me wrong... Life in earth is beautiful, but after what I've experienced through meditation and dreams, I think the next level it's going to be magnificent.

If you want to follow this path of conciousness, then I recommend reading books related to: New Age, Gnosticism, Zen, Metaphysics and Rosicrucian philosophy; or any other that your heart choose.

Good luck!

martes, 13 de mayo de 2014

Having a job is just a cosmic excuse! Do you know why?

Everybody has to have a job. It's obvious, you need money to survive; at least in this kind of society, whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter if you're not a materialist; you need to eat and cover your needs, don't you?

When you finish school and you start thinking about what are you going to do during the next years of your life; you don't realise the importance of this decision. You can be a doctor, a lawyer, a programmer, a dancer, a musician, a journalist, a designer... So many roles to choose, and you have to decide the best one, according to your skills and desires.

After all, you choose and start your own path. Then, when you're looking for a job position, the first thing you want to know is the salary and benefits the company is offering. However, I think that beyond that, you need to be aware of how do you feel when you're in their offices; how do they treat you; and how can this position help you to be better than now. Moreover, how can you help them to reach their objectives. It's the same if you're starting a new business or a freelance activity; the most important thing is to realise that beyond the salary and everything, your life is all that matters. You as a soul that is living in a human body; working for a company or charity; establishing your own business; and even as an unemployed. The goals are the same: Being aware of your inner self; learning new things, enjoying new experiences and helping others every time you can. 

Everyone has a special door waiting to be open by the right person; that door is going to show you a way to enjoy happiness. Don't hurry up trying to open the wrong doors; just follow your sixth sense and open the right door. It has been made for you and only you can feel it.

Don't forget that the universe uses these human circumstances to help you (and others around you); to be better; to be good; and to find inner peace as a way of happiness. But remember, it's better to be completely aware of ourselves during this process of life, and not on automatic pilot as we tend to.

It's time to wake up! It's time to live our life consciously; here and now!

martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Why do we make everything so complicated?

Everybody is trying to have a meaningful life and perhaps my obsession is to think about it all the
time. I think that in my case is worst because I'm a woman; and we tend to over think things, whether we like it or not...

The secret of happiness: Living and enjoying the present without suffering... 
How can you stop suffering? How can you forget your worries about the past and future?

Well, I believe that meditation can help you; but only if you put into practice what you have discovered through it. Don't control your thoughts they say; just observe them. However when you are in a difficult moment is almost impossible to focus on your inner-self and silence without feeling your own emotions. Perhaps you can hold your thoughts but your emotions are still there, aren't they? Buddhists might say: Let them be but don't hurt anybody with them. Just observe them and be apart from your own ego and emotional personality.

Anyway, it's suppose to start getting better after a few years of discipline related to your spiritual practice. You're goal is to guide your mind and align it with your inner-self; but first of all you have to accept its images and let them go with extremely patience and kindness. That's what they say. Personally, I recommend doing yoga as way of practice to take control over your body and thoughts.

You're living a spiritual experience in a human body; and after you master the Buddha state you're suppose to continue your path to the next level of existence (hopefully a better one). Meanwhile enjoy the road of life, feel and spread the universal love you have to offer.

Also you can follow the 4 agreements of the Toltec Wisdom if you want to be happy during this weird process of spiritual evolution:

It has been recently published the 5th agreement:

Don’t believe yourself or anybody else. Use the power of doubt to question everything you hear: Is it really the truth? Listen to the intent behind the words, and you will understand the real message.

Life is so simple and sometimes we make it so complicated.
I hope you can use all these tips to find you're way out of suffering.
We only need to be awake; concious of our inner-self; out of the matrix.