martes, 13 de mayo de 2014

Having a job is just a cosmic excuse! Do you know why?

Everybody has to have a job. It's obvious, you need money to survive; at least in this kind of society, whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter if you're not a materialist; you need to eat and cover your needs, don't you?

When you finish school and you start thinking about what are you going to do during the next years of your life; you don't realise the importance of this decision. You can be a doctor, a lawyer, a programmer, a dancer, a musician, a journalist, a designer... So many roles to choose, and you have to decide the best one, according to your skills and desires.

After all, you choose and start your own path. Then, when you're looking for a job position, the first thing you want to know is the salary and benefits the company is offering. However, I think that beyond that, you need to be aware of how do you feel when you're in their offices; how do they treat you; and how can this position help you to be better than now. Moreover, how can you help them to reach their objectives. It's the same if you're starting a new business or a freelance activity; the most important thing is to realise that beyond the salary and everything, your life is all that matters. You as a soul that is living in a human body; working for a company or charity; establishing your own business; and even as an unemployed. The goals are the same: Being aware of your inner self; learning new things, enjoying new experiences and helping others every time you can. 

Everyone has a special door waiting to be open by the right person; that door is going to show you a way to enjoy happiness. Don't hurry up trying to open the wrong doors; just follow your sixth sense and open the right door. It has been made for you and only you can feel it.

Don't forget that the universe uses these human circumstances to help you (and others around you); to be better; to be good; and to find inner peace as a way of happiness. But remember, it's better to be completely aware of ourselves during this process of life, and not on automatic pilot as we tend to.

It's time to wake up! It's time to live our life consciously; here and now!

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