martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

You're Made of Energy & You'll Never Die

Everyday you have to deal with the uncertainty of life... You can make plans and think about your future so carefully; but you never know for sure what's going to happen. Uncertainty however, it's not a coincidence or a product of randomness. I believe that everything happens for a reason; like John Lock said in "Lost" (the American TV show). Moreover I would say: Everything happens for a Good reason (to teach you something). Even if the cause or result of your actions could be tagged as bad; and even if you don't understand why (at least in this life). I don't believe in destiny; but I certainly believe in a superior force that is taking care of us.

We can't understand the power of the universe if we think that we're part of a random process of evolution. To me, the universe itself is a type of god; a miraculous force that have created everything we know and don't know. It's not part of any religion, but it hold us as a collective conciousness, even if we don't recognised it. Some philosophisers say that we are just dreaming; and that when we wake up, we're going to be more intelligent souls, expanding our potential to the unknowns levels of the cosmos.

Usually people live their life on automatic pilot, without thinking too much about the future of their souls (just worrying about their human life). I'm not that kind of person. I mean, of course I have worries about material things, but I've also been thinking about the nature of my soul since I was a child; even though my parents were common Catholics members... I always went beyond the things they believed; and now I understand why. This is not our only life; we reincarnate; and I know that this is not easy to understand or accept. We are too attached to our human ego and logic mind. However, I have confirmed it... I've been reading books about different philosophies; and I've also had some dreams and revelations. Everyone has its own time to discover this. I may have been living in this body only for 26 years, but I'm sure that I've been living in this planet (using other bodies) for more years that you can imagine.

We are energy; and if you believe that energy can't be destroyed, sooner than later you'll believe that this is not our only existence. There are so many cosmic levels waiting for us. I really wish to pass this level as soon as possible. Don't get me wrong... Life in earth is beautiful, but after what I've experienced through meditation and dreams, I think the next level it's going to be magnificent.

If you want to follow this path of conciousness, then I recommend reading books related to: New Age, Gnosticism, Zen, Metaphysics and Rosicrucian philosophy; or any other that your heart choose.

Good luck!

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  1. very good Ly.. I agree 100% with you! I indicate your blog to my flatmate Catarina... she will love!!!

    1. Thanks Camila. Sure, share it with the people you want to ;)