lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Small Things that Define the Course of your Life

There certain kind of things that have impacted my life. I'm writing about this because I don't want to forget those things. I want to remember them forever. I want to be proud of the life I have had and the learnings I've achieved.

There  are so many things that leave a mark in your life that you barely notice them. In my case, the first one I remember is the idea of a God. 90% of my family is catholic so I adopted this idea since I was a child, then I changed it radically and things began to make more sense. I've already spoken about this topic in one of my first posts, but right now I want to talk about those smalls things that change your life little by little.

I'm not an old woman who wants to teach what life has taught her. I'm not a young lady either, even if I look like one. I'm a person who likes to know more about life. To me, every day is a mystery; breathing is a mystery as well as speaking and thinking. But why? Why do I find mystery in everything? Why do I see everything like a piece of magic? I don't know, but I like it. I like (in some way) to know that I'm living on a planet where nobody can really answer why we are here... There are so many theories about it but none of them are 100% certain. We are blind in relation to the truth but we have the privilege to live here and figure it out by ourselves; maybe through cultures, religions, philosophies, job positions etc. In my opinion, the truth can only be found in our heart... that's my path.

Now I'm just gonna list some of the things that have helped me to do that (not all of them are strictly spiritual but have served their purpose in my life as well):
  1. - Guardian angel contact
  2. - Flying in dreams
  3. - New Age readings
  4. - Practising meditation
  5. - Advertising/Marketing
  6. - Social Media
  7. - Online Marketing
  8. - Fundraising for charities
  9. - TEDx Talks
  10. - Hoponopono
  11. - Zen philosophy
  12. - Tao philosophy
  13. - Iching
  14. - Ireland
  15. - English learning
  16. - Spirituality in my dreams
  17. - El Ser Uno
  18. - Gnostic learnings
  19. - Massage
  20. - People: Jodorosky, Sergi Torres, Matías de Stefano, Drunvalo, Enrique Barrios, Alejandra Casado, Montse Hurtado, Claudia Estrella Muñoz, Realidades Alternas, Emilio Carrillo

 and I'm sure I could keep counting!

Some special quotes from special people I have met:

- Love is the only rule that guaranty happiness.
- Your consciousness can take control of your own mind.
- It's ok to make mistakes because we're gathering experience.
- We're afraid of not knowing why we are alive and try to avoid the true.
- The problem is our interpretation of things using only our language.
- Kindness is the most important thing to learn in life.
- Dance and sing in spite of your problems.

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