lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

What is the flame? (exercise)

It seems like a stupid question, but in fact the question is not as important as it appears... I'm going to ask you a few more questions:
- Can you focus on the flame and the question for a few minutes without thinking about other things?
- Have you noticed that you're always thinking about something and that is almost impossible stop it?
- Do you realise that you're thinking about the past/future most of the time without being aware of it?

We believe this the way we are: people who is meant to think all the time... but the reality is that we are not really in charge of our thoughts (that doesn't mean we can't be in charge)... otherwise we would be able to stop our thoughts whenever we want. On the contrary, we live our lives in automatic, until we die and have to start all over again. At some point we need to wake up; and when we discover that, we need to train. We need to remain awake. We need to be able to master our thoughts from our consciousness (inner-self or presence). This topic is not related to any kind of religion, but it's about what almost every religion and philosophy have been trying to understand through several masters from all over the world. Our consciousness is the path to elevate ourselves to another (better) dimension; and the only way to awaken it is to be in contact with it.

This starts practising meditation. This starts observing the candle and asking yourself: What is the flame? Do this without thinking about anything else; but don't worry if you get lost in your thoughts while doing it, just come back to the presence as soon as you notice you're not aware of the moment. This is a gnostic exercise you can practice everyday for around 10 minutes and then you can adjust it as long as you want to. It will give you peace of mind and more control over your thoughts without blocking them. Remember thoughts are just a tool of the soul; we need to learn how to use them from our own consciousness and not from our egos.

If you want to understand more please read my article: Observing beyond our minds
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