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My First 25 Years of Questions About Life

I'm not sure how to start this... my story. I'm 25 years old at the moment. Recently, my boyfriend has written a kind of autobiography on his blog, so I was thinking that perhaps it is a good idea to do it as well. Also it is a way to practice my English in an informal way. Here we go then:

Western Peak. Warairarepano Mountain. Venezuela
I was born in Caracas, Venezuela the 12nd of April 1988 according to my registration papers. However, my real date of birth is the 13rd of April 1988. My parents are from Colombia but they decided to live in Venezuela thanks to my grandmother, who was working hard in this neighbouring country since many years ago. I don't remember my first years of life, obviously... but I know I really enjoyed to live there. I was 5 or 6 years old when suddenly my mother decided to go back to Colombia. She packed and went to the airport with my father, me and my older sister (Linda). I remembered she told me that she had a surprise for me and she'd give it to me when we arrive to Colombia. I was curious about it, but I needed to be patient. Then we finally arrived and she told me: -You're gonna have a younger sister-  I was surprised and said: -I haven't see you two kissing each other... How is this possible?- Everybody laughed about it and didn't explain anything; they just kissed me and keep walking to our new home in Bucaramanga, a beautiful city in the state of Santander, Colombia. It was well known as "The Parks City" because it was plenty of them.

Sabanalarga Puerto Colombia Church 
When I was 7 years old I started to learn about Catholicism. My Colombian family was very religious, so I started to go every Sunday to the Catholic Church. For some reason I found it quite interesting. I liked the feeling that I had when I was in silence, talking to "God" or trying to understand its messages through the bible. However, for a long time I was afraid of sleeping alone and darkness. I never missed a mass or a religious event. I even started to pray the rosary at home before going to sleep or at any time; trying to feel less fear. I used to think a lot about the meaning of life; which was weird for a girl of my age. All I wanted was to know the truth about myself; the truth about the existence and "God". My primary question was: Is life eternal? What happens after death? I asked this to my mom several times, and she tried to explain that there is a heaven where good people go when they die, and a hell for bad people who die. That was the Catholic explanation, but it didn't convince me at all... Something else has to exist. However, I didn't have any other theory to relay on. So I continued going to the church as much as I could. After a while I began to assist almost everyday... not just to the mass, but also to kneel in front of the shrine at the end of the ceremony, just to talk to "God". I knew "He" was listening to me but I wasn't sure of what "He" was answering (now I know that I was starting to meditate without even know it). I just felt its energy in a way that is difficult to explain. Each time that I came back from the church to my house, everybody affirmed that I was gonna be a Catholic nun. They were impressed and very excited about it. Also, I used to visit my grandmother on holidays and pray with her every night. I couldn't help thinking about the concept of life, over and over... Pray wasn't enough. I needed to find something else and I discovered it pretty soon. Meanwhile I was assisting to gymnastic classes during the afternoons, which I loved for some reason. Moreover I had the flexibility required for that (now I understand that I was close to the practice of spiritual Yoga).

When I was 13 years old my mother encouraged me with the idea to go back to Venezuela. She was gonna sell the apartment to start a new life in Caracas again. I had to go first, while she and my father were doing the paperwork and my sister was finishing her last year of secondary. I needed to start 2nd grade of secondary and because the educational calendar was different in Venezuela, I had to hurry up and begin the classes almost immediately. I was gonna live with my aunt and my three male cousins. I was excited and a little scare because I was gonna be far away from my parents and sisters for a few months. Finally I went through it, but the same doubts about life were still there. I began to write my feelings and my own answers; to read a lot about spiritual sciences and different kind of philosophies as well. Then, I realized that each one had similar concepts with different names.

The Helix Nebula
Years passed and when I was 18 years old, someone recommended me one of the books that have changed my life: Metaphysics 4 in 1 (by Conny Mendez). It has bases on Christianity but with a whole new vision of science and spirituality in one package. Its believes are also part of the New Age philosophy, wich is older than you may think. Nothing is a casualty... I read a lot about this, and finally started to find some answers, feeling less fear about the questions that I have had all my life. After that, I was in contact with myself, and my dreams at night became reveling. I felt more than ever the presence of God as an energy of the universe, and I was part o it. I felt angels and spirits that came to help me and guide me through my meditations. The ones that I've always done when I was a child, but now more conscious and deep. All these experiences made me realize what was happening in my childhood. Participating in yoga classes also helped me to realize a lot of things that I wanted to know as well.

Buddha Statue
Since then, I have had dreams reveling myself living in different times, living within other bodies, having unknown families... So, I believe in reincarnation. Not because somebody told me, but because I have experienced things that confirm my new believes. I had reached my 25 years, and even though I have discovered so many things; I'm still on a journey to my 50 years, which demands a lot of spiritual things to improve for now on. I'm living in Dublin now, and I'm sure that a new story begins here...

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