martes, 21 de enero de 2014

Things that only you can decide!

There're things you don't know, things you've learned from others and you've accepted because you didn't have other choice. Negative and positive things. Things about your role in life, things about its roots, about its truly motives, about its effects on you.
We believe that we know everything or almost everything; we pretend not being afraid of the uncertain existence. We smile at people; we become embittered when we want to protect ourselves; we use masks in front of people, so we can look like we already know everything, because we are adults. We even convince ourselves of that. If it's not possible, we cover it going to parties, drinking, eating, smoking, etc. We distract ourselves to forget the dilemma of not knowing who are we and what are we doing in this world. We turn a blind eye about it and we keep up suffering. We keep up fearing; we keep up feigning.

Meanwhile, life doesn't seem to care. She continues, you can´t elusive its effects. Its paths are uncertain. She continues, even if we're still asleep. The school of life doesn't stop its activities. Even though we believe that we are not part of it; we are always learning, approving or repeating lessons. It's a perfect cosmic harmony from that we all learn according to our grade. 

What does our family tell us when we're children that we have to achieve in life? Well, it depends on each culture. Generally speaking, they encourage us to obtain money, have your own family and if you are lucky, you can work in something that you feel passion about (just to compensate the working hours). That last one is the ideal achievement. However, we know that few people make it happens. The good thing is that meanwhile, we learn a lot of things... Things that maybe we don´t realize that we're learning. We learn spiritual things through material things.

Each one learns something different through specific situations. It is not necessary to be awake. It´s not necessary that you know that you are here to evolve your soul. No, it is not! However, when you realize that, your life starts to chance and you realize the power that you have right now. Having this knowledge, you can face your problems with more cleverness, peace and less fear. Because from now on, you know what is your truly role in this world and you stop following other people; beginning an extraordinary travel to your inner-world. This travel is connected with the cosmic energy; because you realize that you are part of the cosmos; that you share its atoms; that you and the cosmos are one. Therefore, all the planet earth habitants, including you and me, are one. 

However, I know that is more difficult to accept it than understand it. Our ego is attached to our body. We tend to believe just what we see; only the things that were taught to us by others (not by our inner-self). We interpret things from spiritual masters through the church (whichever); or we don't believe anything at all. The fear tie us up; We keep going anyway... because life doesn´t stop. We have new objectives and goals. We stay asleep but it doesn't matter, because life keeps up teaching us while we are awake or not.

Each one choose to stay asleep or to wake up once for all... but remember something; wake up is not the goal nor a magical spell to be happy; it is the beginning of a new and challenging path...

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