martes, 28 de enero de 2014

Is there coincidence or destiny in our life?

Do you believe in coincidences or in destiny? I believe in both... I believe that some things are meant to be only if you take the opportunity. I believe that only if you follow the signs, you'll find the person you're supposed to be. Perhaps you have several possibilities in your destiny. Each decision could be a determinant factor to change your life, thus your destiny. However, some things seem to exist for a reason. If you have read my first post of the year (or if you know me as a friend), you know I'm a "spiritual" person. That's why I believe on this force that some people call "God"; I'm talking about that invisible force, which is moving the pieces of the universe at this very moment. That's right! I believe on that crap, as so many people think it is... I would like to tell you my experience about why I believe on that "crap" anyway:

Things started to make a lot of more sense a few years ago. Now I know how well connected those things have been in my life. I suppose I can start talking about the moment I was in secondary school. When I was living in Caracas, Venezuela and even though the school had some "bad" influencers in my class, I was a very good student. Anyway, I kept studying, having good scores, being friend of the "good" boys and girls as well. During that period I loved listening Enya (irish singer) while I was studying for my exams; fairies and leprechauns were, for some reason, characters in which I believed and wrote about.

I finished my last year with honours. Although I was brilliant in biology, I decided to study something related to humanities: Social Communication and Advertising were my main options. Despite my desire of being a journalist, I could study advertising in a small institute of "new professions". I wasn't completely sure about it. However, it was my only option if I wanted to study something similar and cheaper than journalism. I don't regret it. It was the decision that I needed to make to find my destiny without knowing it. Meanwhile, I was working as an operator, selling hotel memberships in a little office near my house. I had to call a lot of people from a list everyday. It was stressful because you needed to sell if you wanted to gain extra sales commissions. At the same time I was happy because I was studying my first semester of advertising.

My father couldn't understand why I was studying that; he was worried thinking how could I get a job in my country having "that" profession (taking in consideration the difficult political situation). To be honest, I didn't know either, but I had hope and I was following my heart . I was paying my own studies thanks to my "operator" position. Suddenly I got an interview due to one of my sales calls. The man that answered that call didn't buy the membership that I was selling. However, he liked my way of selling and didn't believe that I was 18 years old. So he invited me to his office; he was the owner and director of an insurance brokers company. Moreover, they were creating a new marketing department and they were interested in my skills. "Fortunately" I got the job, even though I didn't had official experience about marketing. So I was starting my second semester and I already had a job position related to my studies (marketing assistant). That was amazing!

After almost two years working with them, I decided to quit and find a new path. I was finishing my degree and I needed to do an internship. I was tire of selling insurances... So I applied to several companies. Then, I found one free position in a digital agency. I started working there and I gained a lot of experience related to online marketing. I was discovering a whole new world; learning things about domains, hosting, Google ads, SEO, SEM, etc. Additionally, I found love among all that working and learning. He and I had the same dream of living abroad someday. We even applied to get the Canadian Visa (which we failed). He published his CV on a international job platform and he actually received an Irish job proposal that he couldn't get because he didn't have a work permit. Even though the possibility of living abroad was going far away, we kept dreaming about it.

One year and four months passed and I got a new job proposal from an international NGO. I was delighted with the possibility of working for their cause: Helping children. They accepted me in the new online fundraising department and I loved it since the beginning. Even though I had the skills they needed, I had to learn new things because this area was new in the Venezuelan market. People from Europe went to my home-country and gave me all the information I needed to start making online campaigns to raise funds for the cause. In a few weeks I was launching banners campaigns an doing email marketing. The outcomes were impressive. Everybody was keen of my work and I even started to train other colleagues.

I worked in that NGO for almost three years until my boyfriend and I decided to live together and founded our own digital agency. We wanted to keep helping NGOs and developing websites and blogs for other companies. We did it from home for around one year; we had our own studio for it (inside of the new apartment we had recently bought). Meanwhile my CV was becoming better for a 24 year-old girl. Then, we travelled to the USA (to explore Miami and Orlando); It was there when we realized more than ever that our home-country was in a very difficult situation and that we needed to go away as soon as possible. Finally, we started to make the arrangements to reach our goal (selling our new car was one of those sacrifices we made). The signs guided us to a country that I always had dreamt about; Ireland.

Everything that happened could've been a coincidence; or maybe I made my own destiny by myself. I'm not sure, but now that I'm looking backwards, I see an intelligence behind all those opportunities that I've taken. I believe that there's a plan behind our life. A plan that maybe we made before incarnating into this world... but that's just if you believe on that kind of crazy things.

Now, it's up to you. Look backwards and make your own conclusions.

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