martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

7 Steps to Find Out What's in Your Silence!

Silence... that's the word that has been in my mind all this week. In silence you can find the answers you need, or maybe you'll find just a terrible silence. However, if you try to find a quite place and stay there all by your own, you may confront your own thoughts in a different ways if you pay attention to them. It's like they emerge without asking permission. It's like they have its own intelligent; and when they notice that you are observing them, they stop because the true You is in control. It sounds a little weird, but when you discover it, a new journey begins.

When you are in silence you can dream, visit other dimensions, travel in time and change your own memories as well. It's like a magic wand that you can use to be happier than the rest of the world. Everybody have this kind of experience when they are sleeping and that's why we need to sleep, to stay in silent to find our inner self. Sometimes people don't remember its own dreams, but when they start to be connected with themselves, they start to remember and the effect is marvellous. The silent is not external, and you'll know it after doing this exercise.

Practical Exercises to Discover What's in your Silence: 

1. Find a quiet place where you can sit down without being interrupted for 15 minutes.

2. Relax and breath profoundly for a few seconds trying to feel your own body and life.

3. Put pen to paper and be ready to write any thought that appears while you're breathing.

4. Don't worry if you miss some thoughts. That's because you are in automatic thinking.

5. Write down any thought you can catch without judging yourself. (e.g. I need to wash the dishes. I need to study. I want to travel and run away from my problems. I don't want that situation in my life, etc) Stop when you notice that the thoughts start to repeat themselves.

6. Read the thoughts out loud and notice if some of them make you feel anxious. Are they really so important? If so, write the things you can do to stop worrying about them (set an alarm to complete your task could help). If not, write a new positive thought related to them (preferably add this new thoughts beside each sentence).

7. Keep the paper in a visible place and repeat the exercise weekly or monthly. That way you can check your own progress. It's important to control your thoughts and not the other way around. Otherwise you're gonna be haunted by them without knowing it. Also pay attention to the quantity. If you have more than 10 thoughts worrying you, it's probable that you're gonna be stressful all the day. Controlling your thoughts you'll be controlling the horse in your mind!

When I listen to my silent I can feel who I really am. But the more important of all is that I can see myself through others eyes; and I know that whether I like it or not... we are the same, one cosmic soul.

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