martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

One dog, one silent master!

Google. A mini schnauzer master!

Google, that's the name of my dog, my first dog by the way. He's two years and two months old at the moment. We (my boyfriend and I) named him Google because we are keen on technology, but at the end, the name fit him completely. He's a searcher... The thing is that since he came to my life, a lot of things have changed (without counting the first month when he was sick due to the irresponsible care received from the people who sold him like he was a product; but I don't want to talk about those sad details). Now I have to get up earlier than before, give him food, entertainment... give him time and dedication. In one word, as my mother would say, it means "responsibility". I guess that's why she didn't allow me to have a pet in the house when I was a child. It was enough to take care of three girls at the same time. Anyway, this time I want to talk about the things Google have taught me in his silent and magic way.


1- Always be ready to have fun; take the opportunities that life gives you to be happy at any time without a particular reason!

2- Draw love and attention using your personality. Appearances don't matter so much. If people don't accept you, pay attention to the people who really matter after all.

3- Relax about your appearance; don't give a f^&*ck if others criticise you. If you have doubts about it, remember point 2.

4- Express your love and emotions to others; it doesn't matter what they could be thinking about it.

5- Remember that eyes speak more than words; use your own way to get what you want. Not being able to talk is not that bad!

6. Accept your reality when you can't do anything to change it, but stay in peace once you discover there's nothing else you can do.

7- Forget the past and start fresh; there's always a chance to forgive, but recognize if someone wants to hurt you and stay away from them.

8- Be alert all the time and protect yourself and your family from anyone or anything dangerous.

9- Stretch your body daily, sleep well, walk and run any time you can; it's healthy and it'll help you to be happy.

10- Be happy and grateful for the little things that life give you. They could disappear at any time, so live the present, here and now.

I could keep going writing more points on this list, but I think that these 10 points are more than enough to start changing your life, at least mine for sure. Probably you already knew or notice all these things if you have a dog as well...

Google when he was a puppy (4 months)
I used to think that his life was unfair.  He can't do anything by his own. I mean he doesn't know what is happening out there. He doesn't have to worry about the money or his security but he could loose all at any time and he doesn't know that. He could've died in that horrible place he were when he was a puppy. We bought him and saved him. He really need us! How ever, I'm starting to think that he is lucky because he's not human; he doesn't have to live with judgements and stereotypes. That's why they teach us so much in their own way. For me, dogs are silent masters.

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