martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Do you live in your own dimension?

We all share the same planet, but I believe everyone has its own dimension, its own world, its own group of friends. I believe that each one choose the universe where they want to live. Even unconsciously, we attract and perpetuate the things we have around us by choosing them. For some reason, that particular choice teach us something, even if we complain about our reality all the time. If you're ready, you can change your dimension without notice it, like the old Mayan culture predicted it.

When you feel that something is wrong around you; that the people you meet is not the people you wish to have close to you, then you have to start making changes. If you don't want to make radical decisions about it, or make any change that move you from your comfort zone; whether you like it or not, you still need to be surrounded by that particular situation or relationship you don't want to.

Only you can change your life... and complaining about it is not gonna change anything, unless you shout at someone, in which case things could change and get worst. We are vibrating in a particular frequency, and the universe does its job putting us where we belong. I have heard of people saying that they decide to move out of their comfort zone to another house, city, country or even to get a new job; and a few or several years later when they came back to visit , things seem to be the exactly same as they were before; nothing had changed, everybody is doing the same routine, talking about the same topics... I believe that we need to keep moving out of our comfort zones, learning different things and expanding our experiences. Anyway, I also know that some people need to stay in their comfort zone. They are learning similar things over and over and over, but I'm sure that one day they are going to move out. I think that everybody is bound to grow up at some point and keep expanding their skills for a better purpose.

I believe that, because I'm connected with people very similar to me (even on internet!) sharing the same points of view and trying to be better through a spiritual path. I had to fight to move out of my comfort zone, but I'm glad I did it. Also, I have been having vivid dreams about life and other portals where I can fly, float and move things with my mind. I truly believe that the Mayan culture wasn't wrong about all the things they said... I think that they were just misunderstood. The change of dimension is individual, not massive.

If you've read me until the end, we may be sharing our own dimension or you're near to change yours...

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