martes, 29 de abril de 2014

A Simple Way to Change The World... So Easy!

A few days ago, again, I found myself thinking about my mission on earth. Suddenly an interesting ebook in Spanish came to me: The Dawn of Love! would be the translation (I think) by Daniel de Wishlet.

After reading it, I realised that the meaning of our life is something as simple as the process of learning how to love; and also being able to feel love in our heart; spreading its energy all over the world. It's not only about the kind of romantic love that we all know; although that's a start. Love is pure energy; and it's something that we all have to develop more.

Another book that talks about this is Amy The Kid From The Stars by Enrique Barrios (I read it also in Spanish). It's a story that seems to be written for children. However, it's pretty serious about the way of life on earth and other planets along the universe; explaining a lot of things about the evolution of humans through the power of love we all have inside. I truly recommend this book as well.

I know this doesn't represent news at all. It has been well known that love is the only rule that Jesus Christ left us when he decided to simplify his message so many years ago. However, something woke up on me after reading The Dawn of Love. It's so important for us, as humans, to wake up and start living our life feeling love (universal and personal) in our life, feeling happiness and joy; finding and spreading that feeling is our goal. Perhaps then, we're gonna find our way out to the next dimension of spiritual evolution.

For now, I want to share with you a few songs about love. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading Lewrl :)

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