martes, 15 de abril de 2014

Personality, Ego and Essence in One Life!

Everyone has a specific kind of personality. Some people say that the personality is just a mask we use to show who we want to be in the eyes of others. The ego is a part of us that suffers, envies, criticises and lives based in emotions and thoughts. It's common to think that our personality and ego make us who we are. Everybody knows and accept that; but why am I writing about it?

Last week I went to a Gnostic meeting that allowed me to realise this; but also to remember more than ever, that we aren't just ego an personality. We have an essence, we have a soul. It doesn't matter if you have a particular religion or if you don't believe in God. The truth is that we have something else that guides our bodies and intents to appear when the ego and personality are "sleeping". Specially in those moments when we are in silence, thinking about the meaning of our life, playing music, dancing, painting or doing any other artistic or cultural activities that in some way connect us with something greater: Our Essence.

The ego can participate actively in our dreams, which are a reflect of our way of living, thoughts and perhaps hidden emotions. However, we can reach our essence through the world of the dreams. This could be a way of answering important questions about our life or connecting with spiritual beings that exist on a higher level.

Anyway, A few days ago I decided to do an online course of dreams. I'll be sharing some of the things I learn from it. Perhaps on my next post. For now, I let you with a question:

Who is reading this post? Your personality, ego or essence?

Starting from ourselves!

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