martes, 8 de abril de 2014

What's Above the Silence?

<2nd Tuesday of April 2014>

There is silence... Among all the voices around you... There is silence... The kind of silence that makes you think about your life and your purpose on earth and... There is silence... Even when everybody is talking, including your own mind... There is silence...

Some people find silence a little bit scary. They don't want to stay with their own thoughts in silence because it's too much. It's better when you talk to others and have fun with them; when you forget that your mind is talking all the time above the silence. Others find quite pleasant talking to themselves almost in automatic pilot. They are lost in their self-talking; believing that silence is something external, when it is exactly the opposite. Perhaps we all have been in both sides.

It's extremely difficult to avoid thoughts, isn't it? So, who is in charge? You, or your mind? If You are in charge, then who is commanding the voice talking in your mind? Another You? Well, that's the dilemma. The only way to figure this out is paying attention to your own thoughts. Don't talk with them and follow this two exercises (some people call them meditation) that I practise every time I can for just a few minutes:

1- Try to catch your next thought asking to your mind: What's gonna be your next thought? For a few seconds your mind is gonna stop. Like if you were trying to misleading it. Keep asking the same question to it and you'll see.
2- Breath profoundly and stay alert to your next thought. At some point a thought is gonna appear. Observe that thought. Where is it coming from? If it's You who is thinking about that, who is observing it?

For me, Life is just a Cosmic Excuse to teach us something bigger than we think. It's not about money, family, power or anything else. It's about what change inside of us during the process of thriving. In some way everything is just an illusion; an illusion that teach us Love, compassion, patience, forgiveness... All this things are inside of us. I don't believe that we die with them. I believe that we'll reborn with them for a greater purpose. A purpose that is in our soul and that some day we'll understand.

This is not about religion, this is about the universe and being part of it. Enjoy the path and find the way out whenever you're ready.

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