martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Is your mind living in the time you think it is?

Holyrood Park - Edinburgh, Scotland

All the things that we experience in life are kind of overwhelming. We live thinking and feeling; thinking and feeling; thinking and feeling; over and over and over again... It's like an infinite cycle of thoughts and emotions that lead us to take actions that become causes and effects (without asking to us if we're ok with them). However, all these things happen in a period of time that is always changing; we call them past, present and future...

We are suppose to live in the present, aren't we? Well, we think we're living in the present; but the truth is that our mind is always pulling our thoughts and feelings to the past or future. When we are thinking about the past or the future we are not longer living in the present; as simple as that. Also, when we are not thinking (or worrying) about the past or future, we tend to forget what are we thinking about. Some times the mind flies too far away; and our body remains empty; waiting for us to wake up; like when we are dreaming at night. In my opinion this is not the meaning of living in the present: we really need to understand that we have the power of being concious of ourselves at any time; not thinking about the past or future; not living in the limbo; but here; right now; in this precise and eternal moment.

A little bird at the Edinburgh Zoo
When we realise that we are *alive* every second of our life; and that we are not just our thoughts or feelings; we have reached a major level of consciousness; we're not longer in automatic pilot living our lives like a robot or something like that; we're owners of ourselves; we guide our instincts; we control our mind and emotions; we're not longer slaves of our own body (the vehicle of our soul), ego or personality; we discover that time is eternal; that time is a constant always changing the things around us but never inside of us. In that way we'll be awake of the life that lives within us! This is the purpose of meditation; beyond religion and philosophies; it's a way of living in conciousness and joy.

This it's not easy to achieve of course. In fact, it can take us ages to reach this state of mind; but for me this path is well worth it. If your goal is to find happiness for you; and your family; and the world we live in; then this path is also for you.  Remember that you're allow to fall and rise as many times as you need; we're all on the same pathWelcome!

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  1. Amichi, you show the bird in the photo is a robin, very similar to that in Tenerife its scientific name is Erithacus rubecula superbus. I enjoyed your article, as you are always an excellent writer.